The information inside the confidential Case Study Video outlines the processes, the formulas, the resources we used and the results we got by Earning Trust to Increase Sales.

What This Case Study Will Teach You

How we applied Business Growth Publishing strategy [Publish & Grow] to a business that had recently changed it's name (no brand recognition) and had virtually no audience.

The formulas and processes we used to build trust with the most conservative market in Australia and build the authority of it's owner.  

The 5 most important tips

  • The Business Growth Equation that built six figure sales in weeks.

  • How to connect online with a traditional and conservative marketplace.

  • The underlying reasons why we focuss on process to get results.

  • How becoming a Master Influencer increases sales conversions

  • Why you, and every business, should be developing this very (un-named) strategic asset into your business-as-usual

This Case Study Video Training Series is designed to illustrate that ANY business can succedd with Business Growth Publishing... even you!

About the author

Wes Ward

Magician/Sage Hybrid

Wes has a 'no fluff' approach to social media and digital marketing based on real business insight.  “Amplify what works!” 

He does this by delivering business clarity. 

Through business analysis, distilling your core message and leveraging what already works, this clarity is transformed into a sustainable, authority building, story-telling system to grow your own audience and business.

With over 20 years in the trenches and on the tools, he has developed an integrated approach to marketing called 'Business Growth Publishing'.  An approach designed to effectively communicate value and build authority in any market.

He is training business owners to apply Business Growth Publishing strategy to their business through Publish and Grow:  Become a Master Influencer Using Stories to Build Your Audience, Earn their Trust and Increase Sales.

What Others Say

  • Wes knows what he’s talking about!  If you want clarification of a business model or knowledge on how to engage with an online audience or to harness the world of social media, Wes will steer you in the right direction and provide you with the means to turn your audience into revenue. Plain and simple!

    Alex Bagg. Radical Ideas Group

  • If you have your own business or thinking of starting one - take a VERY good look - HIGHLY recommend.

    James Hamson. Hamson Design Group

  • I have no hesitation in recommending Wes for ANY business project – particularly when you need clarity, responsiveness, value for money and above all results.

    Vivienne Read. Complexibility

  • “The last 12 months have been the education of a life time . I could never have got where I am without Wes mentoring me through the minefield of Publishing and content marketing . 

    I highly recommend this course . It clear concise and basically self explanatory . It’s as if Wes is sitting in my office talking me through it all . 
    Thanks Wes”

    Penny Dawson. Kikass Trading

  • "After two hours with Wes, I have saved two years figuring out the best way to produce a business, marketing and product model that will suit my lifestyle and support my family.  I now have the clarity and the plan to take action and build my audience.”

    Jo Sheldrick. Studio Red Photography

"Personalised Growth Strategy Session"

  • Business Clarity
  • Your Value Proposition
  • Harnessing Your Brands Psychology
  • Where Your Story Fits into Your Business
  • 60 Minute Session

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About the Author

My name is Wes Ward. For many years I have served businesses in many and varied ways.

Over the journey of supplying marketing advice, web development, social media tools and services, app development, video production, content marketing, etc,  the lasting problem remained...  

 ... companies I helped didn't realise, handover was the BEGINNING of the journey, not the end.

 ... that communicating value and earning trust is the most critical part of any businesses chances to grow.

It was for that reason I have spent the last year refining everything I've learned into Publish & Grow.

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